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Reduction and market potentials of wind propulsion technologies for ships and how to reach them
Dagmar Nelissen, CE Delft

Analysis of the reduction  potential of wind propulsion technologies for ships
Michael Traut, Tyndall Centre

Wingship system
Guy Walker, Windship Technology

Quantifying the attainable fuel savings with wind assisted propulsion
Mark Leslie-Miller, Dykstra Naval Architects

Analysis of the market potential and economic effects of wind propulsion technologies for Ships
Jonathan Köhler, Fraunhofer ISI

Wind assistance and target reduction of the EEDI
Rogier Eggers, MARIN

Low hanging fruits in energy use and operator perspective towards WASP
Gaby Steentjes, MARIN/ex-Flinter

Flettner-rotor technology
Sascha Strasser, MARIKO and Michael Vahs, Hochschule Emden-Leer

Shipping in the Arctic – and Further! – Challenges for natural propulsion in a changing environment
Philippe Tammes, Joint Venture Earth and Eelco Leemans, Clean Arctic Alliance

Maritime Transport 2.0
Brian Boserup, Blue Technology

WASP, the status of DNA involvement and selected test cases
Gerard Dijkstra, Dykstra Naval Architects


Drag reduction for ships: Drawing inspiration from dolphins
Lars-Uve Schrader, HSVA

Galatea: Bio-inspired AUV
Tim Vercruyssen, TU-Delft /WU

Propulsion & The art of learning from nature
Tom van Terwisga, MARIN

Biologically inspired force enhancement for maritime propulsion and manoeuvring
Gabe Weymouth, University Southampton

Bio-inspired design of lifting surfaces (fins, propellers, ..)
Gert-Jan Zondervan, MARIN

The use of sediments to optimize ecosystem services
Arjan Wijdeveld, Deltares

OFFSHORE WIND – Blue Week 2017

Activities in offshre maintenance
Erik-Jan de Ridder, MARIN

Wind accelerator
Jan Matthiesen, Carbon Trust

Gemini: Lessons learnt
Marios Papalexandrou, Gemini

Airborne wind energy
Bernard van Hemert, Ampyx Power and Willem van Schoten, Mocean

Recent research on the behavior of monopiles in the offshore wind industry
Luke Prendergast, TU Delft

How deep is deep enough – considerations on cable burial requirements
Dirk Luger, Deltares

Tennets perspective on the North Sea energy infrastructure
Thomas Donders, Tennet

OCEAN ENERGY – Blue Week 2017

More performance from PV panels
Sipco Eggink, Sunfloat

Harnessing the oceans’s power (presentation available on request)
Berend Jan Kleute, Bluerise

On the certification scheme for Marine Renewable Technologies
Laura-Mae Macadré, Bureau Veritas


Cloud computing: 100x faster simulations for offshore wind turbines
Loup Suja-Thauvin, SIMIS AS

Considerations in decommissioning
Joop Coolen, Wageningen  University & Research

Shipbuilder’s activities in aquaculture
Yoush van Vlimmeren, Damen

An environmental perspective on multi-use applications for wind farms
Marnix Poelman, Wageningen University & Research

Advancements in the Dutch seaweed sector
Marnix Poelman, Wageningen University & Research

Simon Burmester, MARIN

TKI WIND OP ZEE – Blue Week 2017

Status offshore wind NL


Tenders 2017

Kavel V


IWSA Natural Propulsion Seminar
Gavin Allwright, IWSA, UK

Aerodynamic interaction of several propulsion systems on deck
Giovanni Bordogna & Nico van der Kolk, TU Delft, The Netherlands

The Fair Winds trading company cargo proa project
Alain Guillard & Madadh MacLaine, Fair Winds

Peace Boat – Ecoship: Diesel Electric Wind Combined Propulsion System

Andres Molina & Maria de la Fuente, Ecoship project

eCONO Wind Unit
Guus van der Bles, Conoship

Barriers to the development and uptake of wind propulsion technologies for ships
Dagmar Nelissen, CE Delft

Sow the Wind (Technology) and Reap the Rewards
Michael Traut, Tyndal, UK

Overview of EEDI challenges and potential chance for WASP
Kees Metselaar, Dutch Ministry IenM/Maritime Affairs, The Netherlands


Dynamic power offtake cables; challenges over static cables
Hayden Marcollo, AMOG

Seaqualizer: Motion Compensated Access Bridge
Gjalt Lindeboom, NHLO


Multi-turbine floater for a clean and sustainable future
Magnus Rahm, Hexicon

Walk-to-Work Wind Farm Service Vessel
Jorinus Kalis, Damen, The Netherlands

An economical and insured TLP substructure for a 6MW wind turbine as a solutions in offshore wind
Frank Adam, Gicon


Floris Groendendijk, IMARES

Floating Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Feike Savenije, ECN /wind Energy

Older seminars


Natural Propulsion Seminar – Blue Week 2015

          Assessment of operational performance of sail assisted ships
               Rogier Eggers, MARIN, The Netherlands
          Wind powered shipping
               Dimitris Argyros, Lloyd’s Register, UK
          Experience of the Norsepower Rotor Sail solution on MV Estraden
               Jarkko Vainamo, Norsepower, Finland
          A mostly wind powered cargo ship
               Jean Zanuttini, Neoline, France
          Analysis of the suction wind propeller as auxiliary wind propulsion for cargo ships
               Jerome Vedrenne, CRAIN, France
          UT Wind challenger, the next generation of hybrid sailing vessel
               Dr. Ouchi, University of Tokyo, Japan
          Wing + Wind
               Jay Gardner, Wing+Wind Technologies, USA


Natural Propulsion Seminar – Blue Week 2014
          Natural Propulsion: challenges and opportunities for the new entrants
                Alberto Balzan, TurboSail Pte ltd, Singapore
          A performance prediction programme for wind-assisted ships
                Giovanni Bordogna and David J. Markey, TU Delft, The Netherlands
          The application of wind-assisted propulsion for short sea vessels
                Prof. Vahs and Jann Stybny, University of applied science, Hochschule Emden/Leer, Germany
          Design considerations for WHC flettner rotor construction
                Jochem Padur, Lais GmbH, Germany
          Kite propulsion
                Yves Parlier, Beyond the Sea, France
          Vindskip, a hybrid merchant vessel powered by the wind and LNG
                Terje Lade, Lade AS, Norway
          The Seagate collapsible delta wing sail and engine-wind cruise control
                Marcello Seagato, Seagate, Italy
          The Greenheart project: Sail, Solar and the South Pacific
                Gavin Allwright, Greenheart, UK

Natural Solution / Biomimetic Seminar – Blue Week 2014

         A systematical experimental study on powering performance of flapping foil propulsors
                Jacques Vermeiden, Civis Orbis bv, The Netherlands
          Industrial perspectives of O-foil propulsion
                Bas Goris and Patrick Heuts, O-foil, The Netherlands
          The effectiveness of bio-mimetic pectoral fin propulsion
                John Palmisano, USA
          Antiroll: Natural stability
               Arnold van Aken and Patrick Noor, Antiroll bv, The Netherlands
          Propulsion of fish
                Johan van Leeuwen, Experimental Zoology Group, Wageningen University, The Netherlands


Natural Propulsion Seminar
          Wind propulsors from ship powering perspective, will it fly?
                Leo de Vries, Wartsila, The Netherlands
          15 knots with solar power
                Erik Jansen, TU Delft, The Netherlands
          SAIL project, goal and content of starting EU project
                Rogier Eggers, MARIN, The Netherlands
          Recovering energy from the flow below and behind the hull using the Hull Vane
                Niels Moerke, Van Oossanen Naval Architects, The Netherlands
          Naval architecture of the Alcyone – Cousteau’s society Turbosails boat
                Jean-Charles Nahon, Bureau Mauric, France
          Propelwind project
                Patrick Englebert, Propelwind, France / Belgium
          Back to the roots
                Carsten Lohmer, Wessels Reederei, Germany
          Ship propulsion by renewable energies available at sea
                Jorg Sommer, Germany


Natural Propulsion Seminar

          Auxiliary sail propulsion for cargo ships. Highlights of Sky Sails and E-ship1 concepts
                Prof. Vahs, University of applied science, Hochschule Emden/Leer, Germany
          An example of scientific issues for large scale kite: Beyond the Sea project
                Guilhem Bles, ENSTA Bretagne, France
          Wind propulsion for large ships
                Thijs Nikkels, Gerard Dykstra Naval Architects, The Netherlands
         Autonomous sailboat
                Kostia Roncin, ENSTA Bretagne, France
          Oil splills recovery sailing drone
                Piem Wirtz and AlvaroTakiuti, Protei, The Netherlands
          The development of a revolutionary 100% renewably powered ship
                Diane Gilpin, B9, UK
          Zero emission technology for the shipping industry
                Patrick Englebert, Propelwind, France / Belgium
          Hydrodynamic aspects and challenges raised by natural propulsion
                Rien de Meij, Rob Grin and Rogier Eggers, MARIN, The Netherlands
          Weather routing and wind propelled vessels
                Dick Moonen, Meteo consult, The Netherlands/ Belgium
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